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Train With Coach Keas

  • Hello, my name is Coach Keas I have successfully been training for over 7+ years. I work with all age groups from beginner to intermediate, advanced and Pro. My training method is based upon muscle memory enhancing techniques. This training method has had success to help players come through my program and play all levels including middle, high school, college and professional basketball. Why train with me ? 

  • Well for one I've been blessed with the opportunity to have NBA coach's and trainers help mentor my progression. 

  • My training isn't traditional or the "throw the ball out there and collect parents ( you guys) money".

  • Each player I come in contact with builds a on the court and off the court relationship. 

  • I don't train just to train I train to see legit bi weekly progress, so I wouldn't show my players anything I cant or haven't done on the professional level. 

  • This is why "Train With Coach Keas" 


1 on 1 Skills Training

Player Evaluation with Coach Keas

This player evaluation is mandatory for all players prior to being placed in the skills level package. There are 3 different levels we have designed.
1 HR workout

5 Workouts Monthly Plan


Basic Package 
Introduction to basketball 
Basic Skills work 
One ball/ two ball dribbling 
Shot progression ( perfecting form)
Defensive Fundamentals
All sessions are 40 mins

Intermediate/ Advance

8 monthly workouts $160

This package is designed for our intermediate players to advance and be added to our Elite advance workouts. 
Medicine weighted ball workouts
Intense ball handling preparation
Shooting off the dribble 
Footwork Defense/ Offense 
Sessions are 45 mins



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